Thermocouple Welders

HotSpot I

The HotSpot Capacitive Discharge Welder is designed to help solve your thermocouple fabrication and attachment problems. The welder generates an electric arc for fusing standard couple elements into freestanding beads and welding them to any thickness base metal. Visual and sonic indicators alert operator when the welder has cycled and is at the user selected power level. The system is powered directly from the AC line through a step-down transformer, or from a gel type battery, which provides power for a few hundred welds off-line. The battery is automatically recharged whenever the unit is connected to AC power.

Using welded thermocouples solves the couple generation and attachment problem in one operation. Merging these steps with the HotSpot generates obvious advantages in the areas of cost, flexibility, accuracy, and the time required for installation.

HotSpot II

The principal difference between the HotSpot II and the standard HotSpot is its heavier wire welding capability. The HotSpot II can handle wire pairs as heavy as #14 gauge. It can also close larger tubes than the standard unit and can do light duty stud welding as an aid in wire harness attachment and in insulation blanket installation.

The HotSpot II operates only from AC power. A battery-powered version of the unit is not offered. Its less than #14 weight and compact design make it a very portable package.

HotSpot PLUS

The HotSpot PLUS is the newest member of DCC’s HotSpot Capacitive Discharge line. It offers the latest electronic design in DCC’s welder family. Several convenience, reliability, and safety improvements were incorporated in the newest welder. The power ratings of critical components have been significantly increased, welding initiation control was added to the handheld tool holder, multiple operations are faster, and no stored energy is released until the welding elements are in contact.

The HotSpot PLUS doubles the power range of the HotSpot series and offers several fixturing and welding attachments to facilitate simple spot welding, stud welding, and pin welding modes. In addition, the HotSpot PLUS provides standard and heavy wire thermocouple welding functions.

The HotSpot PLUS is designed to handle the attachment of heavy wires, light gauge studs and weldable pins to metal surfaces. It can also close larger tubes than the HotSpot II unit and aid in wire harness strap spot welding and insulation blanket installation. Its controllable weld energy capability matches the needs of strain gauge attachment applications.